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Traditional bikinis are gorgeous. But a flimsy set of triangles and an itty bitty thong is no match for an active afternoon of tumbling in the waves. We believe in water wear that serves you, starting with stay-put, supportive bikinis you can wear on the beach, on a boat, or while you swim away from shore. When activities or weather call for additional protection, our zip up second layer pieces add comfort from the sun, wind, boards, and sea in an instant.


F  E  A  T  U  R  I  N  G

Tuulikki NYC Online Shop

Our 1st and 2nd Layer pieces are available now in our Online Shop. 

Tuulikki NYC Summer Pop-Up '17

Rockaway Beach Boardwalk, New York. All summer long.


More than a bikini, less than a wetsuit
Slip one on, dive in, and don’t give your suit a second thought.