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Traditional bikinis are gorgeous. But a flimsy set of triangles and an itty bitty thong is no match for an active afternoon of tumbling in the waves. We believe in water wear that serves you, starting with stay-put, supportive bikinis you can wear on the beach, on a boat, or while you swim away from shore. When activities or weather call for additional protection, our zip up 2nd layer pieces add comfort from the sun, wind, boards and sea in an instant.


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2nd Layer          1st Layer


Riis Surf Suit

This second-skin, one-piece rashguard with 3/4 sleeves provides ultimate sun and skin protection. No sunburns, no stomach or inner arm chafe, no readjusting your bikini bottom. 

Layer Up: Underneath

2nd Layer

Lido Shortie

All of the comfort of a wetsuit, none of the bulk. This full-sleeve shortie combines 1mm bonded fabric on the torso and shorts for protection from wind, sea, sun, and board, with rashguard-light sleeve fabric for ultimate mobility. Toss on over a swimsuit for crisp mornings, cool sunsets, and early and late summer sessions. 

Layer Up: Underneath

2nd Layer

The Cyclones


Zip this 1mm bonded fabric tankini over your bikini top for additional support, no-budge coverage, and ribcage chafe protection. Seamless armholes ensure rub-free paddling. 

You—not the water—decide when to free the nipple. 



All of the appeal of a bikini, none of the accidental reveal. These high-waisted 1mm surf bottoms can be pulled over a swimsuit for stay-put confidence. A backside zippered key pocket designed to hold your in-water kit. 

Layer Up: Underneath


Brighton Surf Bikini


Where a sports bra and a bikini meet. The top half of this surf combo features maximum support with a minimalist aesthetic; feminine cut with zero chance of fall out. Better yet, wide bonded straps prevent excess water from hitchhiking a ride.



High-waisted surf bikini bottoms slatted side bands to keep you in and help guide water out. Slip on, paddle out, and don’t give a second thought to what your bum is up to. 

Layer Up: On Top

1st Layer

Tilden Bikini


No strings, zero fuss, this wonderfully uncomplicated deep-v bikini top features the functionality of a bra without the discomfort of underwire or padding. In other words, the quintessential primary layer to wear on the beach, in the water, and beneath 2nd layer surf pieces. 



Our first layer cheeky bikini bottom designed to, above all things, stay put. Reinforced waist band and an interior skinny drawstring double up for customized staying power, so that come glassy barrels or high winds and water, the last thing on your mind is how your bikini bottom's holding up.  

Layer Up: On Top